Students who have earned college credits at another accredited 机构 may transfer 他们的功劳归于十大赌博靠谱信誉网站. 以前就读院校的正式成绩单 是准确评估转学分所必需的吗. 记录了 directly by the student are not official and will not be used for the evaluation of 转移信用. 转入内布拉斯加州印第安社区学院的课程必须 达到“C”级或以上才能被视为学分. 注册主任将评估 所有入学学生的正式大学成绩单. 可接受的转学分 will be within 10 years, applied to a degree, in compliancewith 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站’s programs of 研究. 学生将在评估结束后被告知其学业状况 完整的.


  • 找到你上过课的机构.
  • Select the 搜索 link next to the 机构 to view all equivalencies for that 机构.
  • The Guides link will only show you the list of transfer 课程s with equivalencies 符合通识教育要求(并非适用于所有学校).
  • View all equivalencies OR enter the Course/Subject Code for the transfer 机构 (select Transfer Course button) or the Course/Subject Code for the 课程 at the other (选择“主课程”按钮),然后按“搜寻”.
  • 在左边一栏找到你的转学路线. 右边的一列会告诉我们 你在另一所学校也一样.
  • Select the "View" button next to the 课程 for additional notes about the transfer 课程. 任何带有复选标记图标的课程都包含额外的注释.
  • Courses can be added to a list by checking the box to the right of the transfer 课程 点击右上角的“添加到我的列表”图标.
  • You can email your list of 课程s for transfer by clicking the envelope icon located 在右上角.


1995年11月2日,内布拉斯加州的25所高等教育机构签署了 内布拉斯加州转学倡议. The signing of this document has led to increased cooperation in the transfer of 内布拉斯加州社区学院和四年制大学之间的课程.

Today, six community colleges and two tribal colleges across the state of Nebraska come together to standardize syllabi in an effort to increase transferability across 并进入全州的其他高等教育机构. 而内布拉斯加州 Transfer Initiative focuses on general education 课程s, this group of Nebraska tribal and community colleges is also committed to developing statewide 课程 syllabi in 核心专业领域. 点击这里查看完整的列表 内布拉斯加州转学倡议和全州课程大纲. Syllabi are on rotation to be reviewed every three years by faculty in the discipline 保持相关性和最新. 

Since joining this initiative, 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 has seen a huge increase in the transferability 将我们的课程提供给全州其他高等教育机构.



Students planning to transfer to a higher education 机构 beyond 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 should 利用以下步骤计划他们的学习计划:

  • Obtain a current catalog from the 机构 to which they plan to transfer, and 研究 the transfer admission 需求, general education 需求, and degree 项目要求. 特别注意大一和大二的要求 在感兴趣的主要领域. 
  • Consult with a 教师 Advisor about potentially fulfilling most of the freshman and 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站大二的要求. 
  • Consult, either by letter, phone, or personal interview, with the Transfer 招生 Officer of the receiving 机构 about any questions they may have about transfer 信息或课程的可转移性. 
  • Immediately after beginning the last semester of work at 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站, contact an advisor 查阅有关转帐过程的资料. 
  • 一旦你从十大赌博靠谱信誉网站毕业, 要求你的十大赌博靠谱信誉网站成绩单 将被送往其他高等教育机构.

注意: It is common that not all previous credits will transfer and that the student will be required to enroll in some additional 课程s to meet the transferring 机构’s 需求. 转学院校的每个学术部门都有自己的规定 接受转让学分的要求. 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站有衔接协议 拥有多所区域性和全国性的高等院校. 感兴趣的学生 应该询问有关这些大学课程的信息吗. 此外, curricula at 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站 are based upon the student’s full-time enrollment each semester 为了在两年内完成所有的学习要求.


我们承认十大赌博靠谱信誉网站可能不是您的最终目的地. 然而,如果你已经赢得了 至少 15个学分 with us and transfer to another 机构, you may be eligible to still earn your 我们的副学士学位!

反向传输 is a unique process for awarding associate degrees to 学生 who have transferred in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree before completing the 需求 for an associate 十大赌博靠谱信誉网站学位. 通过我们的反向转学计划,学生可以合并学分 they earned at two and four-year 机构s to be awarded an associate degree at 同时也在攻读学士学位. 点击这里了解更多信息: http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/colleges/reverse-transfer/ 





  • 贝尔维尤大学-内布拉斯加州原住民转学补助金


    • 必须毕业于LPTC或nicc -从任何时间点
    • Must be full time degree seeking undergraduate student (Online, in-Class, Connected 学习等.)
    • 必须填写FAFSA吗
    • 签署内布拉斯加州原住民补助金确认表. 
    • 学生符合贝尔维尤大学的录取标准,并保持SAP
  • 内布拉斯加大学林肯分校-部落学院奖学金:  Awarded to graduates of Nebraska high schools who are in progress or recently 完整的d 从少数几个特定的部落学院获得两年制学位.
  • 内布拉斯加州大学林肯分校-美国原住民遗产奖学金:  This scholarship seeks to identify and attract talented student scholars who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in the Native American community or backgrounds and are prepared to use this knowledge to contribute to the education of their fellow 学生.
  • 内布拉斯加大学林肯分校戴维斯-钱伯斯转学奖学金:  The Davis-Chambers Transfer Scholarship recognizes that academically promising 学生 from diverse backgrounds often find the financial demands of higher education to be 主要障碍. 这项奖学金旨在确定这些有才华的学生学者 who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in diverse communities or backgrounds and are prepared to use such knowledge to contribute to the education of their fellow 学生.
  • 韦恩州立大学-美国原住民社区大学学费奖 优先申请截止日期为5月1日.
  • 平价大学基金会, an organization dedicated to providing free higher education tools for current and future college 学生 and their families, recently published research on all the Not-For-Profit universities and colleges in Nebraska that offer online college programs.  从历史上看,在线课程只由营利性机构提供.  Today, many of the most established not-for-profit state colleges and national universities have launched programs that provide flexibility and lower tuition prices for 学生.  This dataset is unique to our site and is even ahead of the curve compared to other 政府教育数据来源如
  • 内布拉斯加州的在线学院
  • 教育部学院记分卡 ——发现 & 比较学校做出正确的选择
  • 内布拉斯加州转移 aims to help Nebraska 学生 better understand their options, plan for their future, and stay on the path to a college degree so they can be successful in the workforce. The site’s searchable database offers information on 64,500 课程 equivalences among the four NU campuses, the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, the three state 还有八所社区和部落学院. 希望转学的学生 a Nebraska 机构 from some regional and private 机构s can also find 课程 网站上的等效信息. 
  • 奥古斯塔纳大学旅行学者 The Journey Scholars Program supports and empowers 学生 of color as they navigate 在奥古斯塔纳大学(Augustana 大学ersity)的第一年,这是一所传统上的白人学校.